Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Monday, February 6, 2012

{Valentines Party's}

Here is a bit of fun inspiration on what you can do for Valentine’s Day.  Click on pictures featured below for how to's, DIY's, and plenty of love to dwell on! If you have a birthday in the month of February you can keep the hearts, pinks, and red colors going with some of these cute party ideas. I have also heard of a new trend called "Galentines."  It’s a party you can throw or a little get together you can have with your girlfriends.   I think it’s mostly for the girls anyways ;) Happy perusing xoxo ~ Nicole

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By: Tom Kat Studio
By: Pizzazzerie
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Made with Love}

Valentines is one of the most interesting holidays to be celebrated. Some years I love it and others it could come and go and I wouldn't really mind. 
But Here are some fun yummy things you can make and create for or with the ones you love to help you get excited about the day! 

Heart shaped pancakes - great way to start Valentine's Day! I'm definitely I will be doing this.


 How about some milk and heart shaped brownies in a cute paper bag, did you know you can send a paper bag right through your printer to get this look!
 Cute Pink Cupcakes- Done!
 I would love to wake up to a coffee like this! Rest a little chocolate heart in your lovers brew in the morning for this effect:)
 Make any treat and store in this adorable jar for a gift made with love.  I found heart shaped doilies at the dollar store to help you get this look:)
 Make cupcakes then top them off with heart shaped brownies! YUM!
 Just thought these were amazing.

 Since putting anything on a stick is the rave these days why not make a Valentines Heart cookie pops! Click for recipe.
 A special hot chocolate for the kidos with heart shaped whip cream on top!
And my FAVORITE! These are so stinking cute. Heart shaped conversation cookies just like the classic candy. Click for recipe

  Enjoy love~Nicole

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Monday, January 23, 2012

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Exciting news here at Cherry Kissed Events!  We are thrilled to be featured on this amazing, huge party blog!! 

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cowgirl 1st Birthday

I went to my dear friend’s daughters 1st birthday party yesterday and it was so cute!  She did a cowgirl theme with bandanas, cowboy hats and boot chocolates and adorable themed color books that she made.  She found her free coloring pages at www.cowboycoloringbooks.com  and then printed, bound them together with colored construction paper and stickers that each kido got to color at the party and take home. 

Her adorable suckers were so tasty and cute from Snootie Suckers which is here locally in Roseville Ca and is super affordable.  If she doesn’t have what theme of sucker you want she will find it for you and get them made as well! Find her here at SmootieSuckers@yahoo.com and Smootie Suckers on Facebook!

The cupcakes were super yummy.  She cut out cute pictures of cowgirls and put bandana paper on the back attached to sticks and inserted in the cupcakes.  Using a organic box cake mix and adding cocoa to make chocolate ones helped her save time with still having a tasty treat for everyone.

Olivia got to have her own little cake to eat up as we sang happy birthday.  Mom made her an adorable cowgirl apron to wear while she dug in!  She also sewed her a precious cowgirl skirt and had her decked out in a little button up plaid shirt too.  She had cowgirl boots but one got lost at wal-mart so we didn’t get to see those on her but she was adorable as it is!  Oh the joys of first birthdays.  You go all out and do special things to remember the time.  It's nice when you can find free printables and neat little things to make it cute and affordable.

An activity that we got to do was make cowboy book marks.  I think she found supplies at the dollar store (smart momma).  We had foamy stickers, book marks, and then ribbons.  All the kid’s put their initials on their book marks with stickers and then filled them up with the cowboy stickers they liked.  My little guy of course was picking out the cowboy guns to put on his, hehehe. Once a boy always a boy!  

 I sewed Olivia a birthday hat that she can wear every year with a number in the front that is attached with Velcro so we can put a different number on it for next year.  And then I also made her a tooth fairy monster pillow.  It’s so stinking cute, I’m definitely going to make these for all my friends kid’s.  We got a few cute pictures of Olivia wearing the hat too:) 

What are you doing for your family or friends birthdays this year?  Need help, inspiration, or for us to take the reins let us know.  Either way I want to hear the ideas!!! - Making Memories~Nicole

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are you tired of getting sick all the time?

Are you tired of getting sick all the time?  Here are some tips from me on how to get your body to where it can fight illness better and you can kick it faster:

You can even have Organic Produce delivered to your door for a reasonable price!

JUICE!  Buy fresh (organic if possible) fruits and veggies, wash them off,  and juice them up. They are great for your body to help rid you of illness. This website helps with a community of people, recipes, and encouragement for juicing. http://jointhereboot.com You should also buy the DVD “Fat, Sick, & Almost Dead”.  It is an eye opener.

Here is a website that has some myths on beating colds and flu’s and what you can do instead (miso soup is really great for our bodies if it the real thing):

Here are 8 things that are good for our bodies… pick up some vitamins but read this article first:

I recommend this brand of vitamins. They are pricier but they are worth it. Their ingredients are exceptional and can really help keep your body on track.http://www.newchapter.com/

I have been fighting something for a week as well. I started with a sore throat and green snot but I have been juicing once or twice a day and taking my vitamins and I have managed to keep it at bay and stay healthy. 

When you are not sick it is good to exercise.  Even just walking 30 minutes a day can greatly reduce sickness and help your immune system. Watch this for more info…it is also a great eye opener.

I hope that helps!  Happy New Year and Cheers to getting HEALTHY! And living long happy lives!