Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall High Tea and DIY Frame Projects

This was a fun weekend for us.  Both of our husbands were out of town so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get busy with business plans, details, and crafts.  Not only did my house turn into craft central but we turned into kids again with a sleepover, chick flicks, & junk food.   We spent many hours on crafts for our upcoming Tea Party photo-shoot and High Tea Birthday party for our dear friend and client, Heather.  We also made some time to go to a charity fundraiser, where we meet some great people that we hopefully will be working with in the near future on some great fund-raising events for a special cause, The Children’s Tumor Foundation.  It’s always good when you can work with passion for a good cause.  At the charity street fair, we met many vendors, Steve Hillier with Dogs on Wheels, and Kenn Serrano with Aloha Balloon Company who makes amazing scenes out of balloons.  Below is a picture of us in front of some amazing balloon flowers.  He also is a magician and great entertainer.     

Steve Jillier with Dogs on Wheels

Kenn Serrano with Aloha Balloon Company

The fall season is calling our name this year. We are excited for pumpkins, candy corn, and deep colored decorations.  We are excited to incorporate the fall in our High Tea birthday party we are planning.  We are wanting to bring in pops of the seasons colors (oranges, yellows, gold’s, and greens)!  We want to incorporate a mini pumpkin patch and fall leaves to bring fall into the tea.  Some of the crafts we worked on this weekend were old frames we found at garage sales that we painted and decorated (pictures to come soon).  We took apart an old mirror and painted the frame and we are turning the frame into a magnetic moonstone colored chalk board!! This will be a fun way for us to write out menus at events or fun inspiration sayings.  We also took the labels off of green wine bottles and put lace around the middle and attached twin. We will be able to hang the bottles and fill them with flowers.  This creates a beautiful vintage look.  We also found some fabric fall leaves for super cheap and stamped an elegant stamp on each one that says “joy”.  This will be something we can use at each place setting.  We have many other projects and crafts that we are working on and you will just have to wait for the pictures. They should be up in October.  

We have been busy. Keep checking in for more details and fun things we are working on.  Next week we will put up a video on how to make candy corn rice crispies!  Yum!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Recently, we were asked to participate in a fall themed 1700’s masquerade! Wow, what a party.  We decided to help with the decorations for this party. I really wanted to come up with something that symbolized fall but still brought in the bright colors that are associated with a masquerade. 

I started surfing the web for inspiration and I came across Martha Stewarts fall centerpiece for weddings here:

I wanted to tweak this idea a little bit so that it fit our theme better. I ended up buying different pieces of wheat and grass, flower wire instead of flower tape, a pretty purple silk ribbon, and some feathers.  Instead of making the centerpiece full and round I made it flat and wrapped it like a flower bouquet.  I ended up hot gluing each section of wheat together so that it would be easy to transport and sturdy on the table. I put the feathers in the front of the piece to add a fun splash of color and to really bring in the masquerade theme.

Also, I wanted to have a few other things on the table so we spray painted some small pine cones purple, spray painted some fake pears gold, and we lighted painted pumpkins with a light gold acrylic paint.  Below are some pictures of how it turned out.  I was quiet pleased with the project and thought that it made for some fun and funky fall d├ęcor. 

Tell us what you think!

Pumpkin painted with a little gold

Pumpkin, Purple Painted Pine cone, and Gold painted Pear

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antique Peddlers Fair

Oh man, we went down the street here in Old Roseville browsing through the local Antique Peddlers Fair and there are so many fun things to see, by, and just get inspired by! 

I loved the old chairs painted white or turquoise neat old frames painted and turned into jewelry holders or back drops for event table settings.  

I have always wanted an old suitcase that has the cool old travel stickers on them, they had one there for 40 bucks I should have bought it.  

You can display things in them, or use as house decor.  There's so many fun things you can do with Antiques.  I wish I had all my Mom's old stuff to revamp.  Like I need anymore projects...

  Right now I am making my 2nd quilt ever.  Its a T shirt quilt for my brother who is in Iraq right now.  Its going to be his birthday or Christmas present, depending on when i get it done.  He loves to play volley ball so its all his old volley ball t-shirts that he needs to get rid of but doesn't want to totally dispose of them!  Pictures to come on the progress stay tuned!! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Holidays are Around the Corner!

I love the holidays.
In California it is always so hot and right around October things start to cool off, the days seem fresh and sweet, and i start to get excited.  The trees start turning pretty colors, apples come into season, and the holidays are right around the corner.  One of the best thing about the holidays are the festive foods, crafts, and great decorations that come into season.  Nicole and I are going to start making YouTube video blogs on simple ideas for food, decorations, and crafts.  We will post them here so stay tuned.

Get ready for candied apples, kids in costumes, turkey, and the smell of pine trees!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Nicole and I just completed a beautiful baby shower for our good friend, Christy.  When Christy approached us about the shower she really wanted it to be a fun time for the woman invited. She wanted to bring in non-alcoholic cocktails (Mocktails) and make everything very girly.  She already has a little girl and she really wanted to embrace the girl theme. Also, our beautiful mom-to-be has gestational diabetes so we wanted to be very particular in the foods we would serve. We wanted to offer things that Christy could enjoy as well.  

 At first, we brainstormed about how we could incorporate cocktail glasses.   We decided to have a bar with 2 options for drinks with fun ingredients.  We served these drinks in fun cocktail glasses  with colorful sugar rims.  One of the mocktails we made was carb and sugar free.  

Next, we decided that it would be fun to serve desserts in the cocktail glasses as well.  We did not want to serve the typical cake or cupcakes because our mom-to-be would not be able to enjoy them.  Instead, we served a spiced cheesecake and cherry Jello dessert. Both of these options were sugar free and were yummy items that our mom-to-be could enjoy along with her guests. 

After we started mulling over our menu ideas, we decided that it would be fun to have a “Sugar and Spice” theme.  By incorporating this theme we could use many colors and have some fun food options that everyone could enjoy. 

I started looking around for fun colors and I really wanted a vintage nursery theme.  I found some fun scrapbook paper, polka dot napkins, fun paper tissues colors, and some great Martha Stewart Crafts at Joanne’s.  By bringing all of these items together I thought it made a fun bright colorful party that worked well with all different sugar and spice ideas. 

The budget for this event was small so we wanted to find lots of easy & inexpensive ways to bring in our theme.  We made most of our signs with our scrapbook paper, we made all of our tissue poms, we found cute “sugar and spice” food tagson Etsy that we were able to put all over the house, and we even made 3 jars: one full of sugars, one full of spices, and one full of fun girly things. 

We decided that we wanted to add in a few fun aspects to the party because the mom-to-be did not want to play any shower games. We made a bright photo booth section so that Christy could get some great pictures with all of her guests. We also made a “wall of encouragement” where guests could write encouragement and words of wisdom.  Our mom-to-be loved this idea and took the whole wall home with her so that she could scrapbook all the encouragement she was given. 

Our food table consisted of a Sugar side and a Spice side. We wanted each side to have something correlating by being the same size and shape but being a totally different food item.  

When all was said and done the shower looked great and our mom-to-be was very happy. All of the guests had a great time and went home with some home-made spiced popcorn with a sweet little tag.
Enjoy our pictures and let us know what you think.

Photography done by our sweet friends, Michelle Fonda, Elizabeth McCall
Decorations, event design, and more done by Cherry Kissed Events