Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Nicole and I just completed a beautiful baby shower for our good friend, Christy.  When Christy approached us about the shower she really wanted it to be a fun time for the woman invited. She wanted to bring in non-alcoholic cocktails (Mocktails) and make everything very girly.  She already has a little girl and she really wanted to embrace the girl theme. Also, our beautiful mom-to-be has gestational diabetes so we wanted to be very particular in the foods we would serve. We wanted to offer things that Christy could enjoy as well.  

 At first, we brainstormed about how we could incorporate cocktail glasses.   We decided to have a bar with 2 options for drinks with fun ingredients.  We served these drinks in fun cocktail glasses  with colorful sugar rims.  One of the mocktails we made was carb and sugar free.  

Next, we decided that it would be fun to serve desserts in the cocktail glasses as well.  We did not want to serve the typical cake or cupcakes because our mom-to-be would not be able to enjoy them.  Instead, we served a spiced cheesecake and cherry Jello dessert. Both of these options were sugar free and were yummy items that our mom-to-be could enjoy along with her guests. 

After we started mulling over our menu ideas, we decided that it would be fun to have a “Sugar and Spice” theme.  By incorporating this theme we could use many colors and have some fun food options that everyone could enjoy. 

I started looking around for fun colors and I really wanted a vintage nursery theme.  I found some fun scrapbook paper, polka dot napkins, fun paper tissues colors, and some great Martha Stewart Crafts at Joanne’s.  By bringing all of these items together I thought it made a fun bright colorful party that worked well with all different sugar and spice ideas. 

The budget for this event was small so we wanted to find lots of easy & inexpensive ways to bring in our theme.  We made most of our signs with our scrapbook paper, we made all of our tissue poms, we found cute “sugar and spice” food tagson Etsy that we were able to put all over the house, and we even made 3 jars: one full of sugars, one full of spices, and one full of fun girly things. 

We decided that we wanted to add in a few fun aspects to the party because the mom-to-be did not want to play any shower games. We made a bright photo booth section so that Christy could get some great pictures with all of her guests. We also made a “wall of encouragement” where guests could write encouragement and words of wisdom.  Our mom-to-be loved this idea and took the whole wall home with her so that she could scrapbook all the encouragement she was given. 

Our food table consisted of a Sugar side and a Spice side. We wanted each side to have something correlating by being the same size and shape but being a totally different food item.  

When all was said and done the shower looked great and our mom-to-be was very happy. All of the guests had a great time and went home with some home-made spiced popcorn with a sweet little tag.
Enjoy our pictures and let us know what you think.

Photography done by our sweet friends, Michelle Fonda, Elizabeth McCall
Decorations, event design, and more done by Cherry Kissed Events

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