Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall High Tea and DIY Frame Projects

This was a fun weekend for us.  Both of our husbands were out of town so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get busy with business plans, details, and crafts.  Not only did my house turn into craft central but we turned into kids again with a sleepover, chick flicks, & junk food.   We spent many hours on crafts for our upcoming Tea Party photo-shoot and High Tea Birthday party for our dear friend and client, Heather.  We also made some time to go to a charity fundraiser, where we meet some great people that we hopefully will be working with in the near future on some great fund-raising events for a special cause, The Children’s Tumor Foundation.  It’s always good when you can work with passion for a good cause.  At the charity street fair, we met many vendors, Steve Hillier with Dogs on Wheels, and Kenn Serrano with Aloha Balloon Company who makes amazing scenes out of balloons.  Below is a picture of us in front of some amazing balloon flowers.  He also is a magician and great entertainer.     

Steve Jillier with Dogs on Wheels

Kenn Serrano with Aloha Balloon Company

The fall season is calling our name this year. We are excited for pumpkins, candy corn, and deep colored decorations.  We are excited to incorporate the fall in our High Tea birthday party we are planning.  We are wanting to bring in pops of the seasons colors (oranges, yellows, gold’s, and greens)!  We want to incorporate a mini pumpkin patch and fall leaves to bring fall into the tea.  Some of the crafts we worked on this weekend were old frames we found at garage sales that we painted and decorated (pictures to come soon).  We took apart an old mirror and painted the frame and we are turning the frame into a magnetic moonstone colored chalk board!! This will be a fun way for us to write out menus at events or fun inspiration sayings.  We also took the labels off of green wine bottles and put lace around the middle and attached twin. We will be able to hang the bottles and fill them with flowers.  This creates a beautiful vintage look.  We also found some fabric fall leaves for super cheap and stamped an elegant stamp on each one that says “joy”.  This will be something we can use at each place setting.  We have many other projects and crafts that we are working on and you will just have to wait for the pictures. They should be up in October.  

We have been busy. Keep checking in for more details and fun things we are working on.  Next week we will put up a video on how to make candy corn rice crispies!  Yum!

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