Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antique Peddlers Fair

Oh man, we went down the street here in Old Roseville browsing through the local Antique Peddlers Fair and there are so many fun things to see, by, and just get inspired by! 

I loved the old chairs painted white or turquoise neat old frames painted and turned into jewelry holders or back drops for event table settings.  

I have always wanted an old suitcase that has the cool old travel stickers on them, they had one there for 40 bucks I should have bought it.  

You can display things in them, or use as house decor.  There's so many fun things you can do with Antiques.  I wish I had all my Mom's old stuff to revamp.  Like I need anymore projects...

  Right now I am making my 2nd quilt ever.  Its a T shirt quilt for my brother who is in Iraq right now.  Its going to be his birthday or Christmas present, depending on when i get it done.  He loves to play volley ball so its all his old volley ball t-shirts that he needs to get rid of but doesn't want to totally dispose of them!  Pictures to come on the progress stay tuned!! 

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