Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are you tired of getting sick all the time?

Are you tired of getting sick all the time?  Here are some tips from me on how to get your body to where it can fight illness better and you can kick it faster:

You can even have Organic Produce delivered to your door for a reasonable price!

JUICE!  Buy fresh (organic if possible) fruits and veggies, wash them off,  and juice them up. They are great for your body to help rid you of illness. This website helps with a community of people, recipes, and encouragement for juicing. You should also buy the DVD “Fat, Sick, & Almost Dead”.  It is an eye opener.

Here is a website that has some myths on beating colds and flu’s and what you can do instead (miso soup is really great for our bodies if it the real thing):

Here are 8 things that are good for our bodies… pick up some vitamins but read this article first:

I recommend this brand of vitamins. They are pricier but they are worth it. Their ingredients are exceptional and can really help keep your body on track.

I have been fighting something for a week as well. I started with a sore throat and green snot but I have been juicing once or twice a day and taking my vitamins and I have managed to keep it at bay and stay healthy. 

When you are not sick it is good to exercise.  Even just walking 30 minutes a day can greatly reduce sickness and help your immune system. Watch this for more info…it is also a great eye opener.

I hope that helps!  Happy New Year and Cheers to getting HEALTHY! And living long happy lives!

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