Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Location! Location! Location!

You know when you buy a home its all about location.  When you go on vacation, Location is always a key and crucial element as well.   Its no different from when your wanting a great EVENT, its all about LOCATION!

Moroccan Surprise Birthday Party

Thank the Lord that here in Sunny Sacramento California we have some of the best locations around.  We can be at the beach for a Bare Foot in the Sand Wedding, or up to Tahoe for a Ski down the Slopes 10 year Anniversary.  Then we can play in one of our amazing parks and hit piñatas for a 10 year old Birthday or head to Folsom Lake for a Sunshine and BBQ Family Reunion.  Whatever the case maybe we have the location of your dreams to fulfill any destination event!

Baby Girl Baby Shower
Wine tasting and picnics in Napa Valley-River Boat Cruises in Sacramento-Hot Air Balloon Rides to purpose on in Davis-and Sky Dive in Lodi- I mean the list goes on and on for amazing locations around here and we could pair up any type of party, celebration, or memorial with them!

Our wheels are turning are yours?

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