Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SURPRISE Parties are Where it's at!

My wonderful best friend (business partner) and husband really got me good for my 28th birthday a few weeks ago. How hard is it to throw a party for the party girl?

 Kendall and I have thrown or helped with a few surprise parties this past year and they were amazing and very much worth all the energy, time, money, and patience it takes to throw a surprise event.  But this party was something that will stick with me FOREVER.

Think black, white, and red all over.  Every one dressed in black and white.  Rose's, wine, cheese, and chocolate in ever corner and pictures of me in frames all over the place! It was immaculate, beautiful, and romantic to the T.  When I showed up, I jumped up and down and cried out of joy and amazement at what she had done for me.  This is when I had a revelation of what it really feels like for those special people in your lives that you can make this happen for as well.  No money can pay the price for the feeling I felt to have some of my closest girlfriends there just for me, plotting and planning months ahead of time all for me.

I truly felt so loved to have a theme that was all about me and that any one would take there sweat and tears to make it all come together so wonder-fly.  That's what throwing a great party is all about. That's why we do what we do and make your dream weddings come true.  That's why when its your first baby and you want to remember it all like it was yesterday we capture the moments in the shower and let you sit back relax and enjoy it while we do all the work.  It is SO worth it folks to have some one throw your parties for you.  To make your event happen.

We are the pro's we know the in's and out's and we learn more and more with each event we do!  Its so amazing.  I was surprised out of my mind at all the details that meant so much to me.  Handmade wine charms, painted branches with dozens of individually diamonds dangling for centerpieces, themed matching wine and Hors d'Ĺ“uvre labels,  the three layer chocolate decadent cake, on and on, event photographer that soon later gets you the pictures so no one has to be left out!  I could go on and on ... the pictures speak for the PARTY!!!

You ready for yours yet??

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