Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wrapping Time!

There is one aspect of Christmas that can either be really fun or really taxing.Wrapping Christmas presents!

I have gone through years where i am meticulous in my wrapping and I make sure everything looks great and there have been years that i wait until Christmas Eve and I end up putting all my presents in
Christmas bags with gobs of tissue. I think that with the joy of giving to your loved ones this year, you can really enhance your gifts with creativity and fun through your wrapping.  This year i wanted to give us all inspiration with some great gift wrapping ideas.

I found two websites with some great ideas:
or here

Make your own wrapping

Print your own paper

Stamp Your gifts

Use fabric to wrap your gifts

Use a POTATO CHIP BAG!  so funny

Stack your boxes for a fun look

Use your child's know you are always wondering what to do with it all

For more ideas check the links above.
Happy wrapping!!!!

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