Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gearing up for Christmas

How was your Thanksgiving? I still feel full!

Today I wanted to blog about why I am thankful for Holiday Parties.  
I love Christmas time because it is a great excuse to go to lots of parties. My husband and I both have big fun work parties, Secret Santa parties, we have a Christmas Eve Breakfast party, Baking parties, Cocktail parties, Christmas movie parties, and many other fun parties. What is the best Christmas party you have gone to?
Here are some simple ideas for throwing a gathering at your house this year:
  • Decide on what type of party you want. Do you want a big bash with alcohol flowing, do you want an intimate dinner party, do you want a cookie exchange with your girl friends?  Decide what is most important to you and what you want to accommodate.
  • Pick a date. The Holidays are booking up so pick your date, put it on your calendar, and send out a Save-the-date to all of your guests ASAP.
  • Decide on a menu. You can do anything from a dessert bar, just appetizers, create your own cookie bar, a full catered dinner, or make your traditional family favorites.  
  • Plan your decorations. Use anything from flowers, holiday nick knacks, lots of candles, etc. Cherry Kissed Events is awesome at helping people decorate for their parties. You can also check out some great online resources like Martha Stewart's website:  
  • Plan the events for the evening. Do you want Christmas music playing in the background?  Do you want to play games? Do you want to go around the room and have everyone share what they are thankful for this Christmas?  Think about what would be special to you and your guests at this party.
  • Lastly, do it!  Get everything you need and have that great party. Have fun this year!  Christmas only comes once a year.
We are excellent at planning great Holiday parties if you need a hand in planning your party this year.  Contact us to book a party!  

BONUS: Here are 3 great Holiday ideas:

1st) Free Christmas printables for your Holiday dinner table, party, or to top your presents

2nd)  If you are feeling crafty here are 101 gift ideas that you can make for your friends or family
 3rd) Here is a really cute Christmas card idea-very easy to make

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