Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am Thankful For: Martha Stewart {Day 2}

Today and everyday day I am so thankful for MARTHA STEWART!!  
Every thing Martha does is perfect! I love her show, her magazines and her great user friendly web site to give you inspiration.

This blog in particular will give you simply, unique, fun Thanksgiving Table setting ideas to get your guests or family really feeling thankful to be at your table!  Even adorable kids tables to boot...

Here's a simple idea if you have glass plate, just slip a real or fake leaf underneath and walah! Cute plate setting! 

Doesn't this look familiar?  We spray painted pumpkins for decoration all over for our Fall High Tea and for Halloween decor on the porch! Easy peasy...and here is Martha using them for her tables...

Don't forget the kidos! It's no Thanksgiving with out the excitement a little one brings for turkey and sweet potato pie. Here is the most adorable and teachable table setting for the wee ones.  Teach the kid's the Mayflower story as they embark on there table settings! 

Paper Pilgrims Table: Create a Mayflower centerpiece for the kid's table by lashing a watercolor paper sail to wooden dowels and anchoring it in a small, pebble-filled pail. Paper bonnets and hats are easy to craft with these printable templates. (again thank you Martha!)

I just wish I was having a sit down Thanksgiving Feast so I could make these adorable place setters! Next year...

Were all about easy and affordable or FREE! Go on a brisk walk around the block and if your as blessed as we are in Northern California you can collect these Fall colored leaves to create name tags for your table! +Black paper and white pen = done!

Visit Martha Stewart's website for even more Thanksgiving ideas..Let us know what YOU are thankful for?? - Nicole

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