Friday, November 4, 2011

Locally Helping others this Christmas Season...

I have always wanted Christmas time to turn back into a real time of giving to someone less fortunate and in need.  This year, instead of thinking about it, I want to actually do it!  In my time of serving in the Air Force in Japan I was consistently helping in the local orphanages during this time of year.  Now that I have started my family I really want to emphasize how important this is; that it is not all about us but about what can we do for others less fortunate than us.  There is always someone less fortunate then we are.  My best friend and co-business partner, Kendall, has put together a LEGITIMATE list of people we can help, serve, or give to. Because I didn't want to just write a check and be done with it I asked Kendall for help in what resources and places are legitimate for donating.  She has worked with a lot of organizations and friends that are personally involved in these things, so I can trust her advice.  I really want to make relationships with those that I give to for some reason God has put that on my heart.  I'm hoping to find a family or single mom or child that needs some love and support through letters and packages that can continue forever or until they get on there feet.  So here is the LEGIT list that Kendall created for me that she knows of these people personally so that you can help to!!! 
 CLICK THE LINK YOU WANT TO CHECK OUT!Some local and abroad sites:)
The Salvation Army-adopt families for Christmas-contact your local Salvation Army
Bless you this holiday season, create a Thanksgiving Tree and remember what you are thankful for this month, and start preparing for what you can give during Christmas time!  -Nicole Johnson

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